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2016 Holiday Photo Contest Winners

Submit your feline friend for a photo contest this holiday season.

Leo for Best Holiday Attire

Meowy Christmas from leo

Ledges for Most Humorous


Nougat Runner up as Most Beautiful


  • Leo waiting for Santa

    Angie Smith

    Leo waiting for Santa. As a veterinary student, I support Winn's continuous efforts in advancing feline medicine.

  • Irish

    Colleen Alvarez

    Irish (aka Grumpy) pulls out her best Grumpy face when Santa hats are involved!

  • Razi

    Emily Edwards

    We support Winn because we support cats and all that they bring into our lives!

  • Odin Finlayson

    Melissa Finlayson

    Odin is 3.5 years old and has one eye that was enucleated at five weeks old!

  • Elliot

    Lorraine Fluharty

    This is Elliot. We waited two years to get a tree thinking he would "calm" down by then! Not so! At any time you can find him flying into his new favorite spot! Love this cat!!! After loosing two kittens to FIP I want nothing more than to find a cure in 2017! Please everyone continue to donate!❤️

  • Nigel

    Sharon Lyons

    Nigel, such a sweet kitty!

  • Emma, Human

    Regina Thuman

    Emma, Human

  • Ziggy and Loki

    Emilee Frost

    This is of Ziggy(long haired) and Loki (short haired). We had to get a dog bed because they love to sleep together, especially next to the Christmas tree.

  • Meowy Christmas from leo

    Angela Smith

    "Leo is hoping that Santa is looking for an extra Reindeer this year!"

  • Misfit Kitties of Kitty Cat Junction

    Cindy Larson

    Misfit Kitties of Kitty Cat Junction all decked out for Catsmas! Dolly RedDog MadDog Fu Fu Fresh Cooper J Special Kitty Bobina MadDog Blackie RedDog

  • Caterpillar at Christmas

    Kelly Seal

    Caterpillar waiting patiently for Santa to come up the chimney.

  • Sapphy wreath 1

    Inna V. Larsen

    This is Sapphire, our Lynx Point Siamese, getting into the holiday spirit.  As a cat owner and rescuer and someone who works in scientific research, I applaud the Winn Foundation’s commitment to improving feline health. 

  • tamsenxmasouttakes001

    Gwen Kupper

    This is one of my favorite outtakes from (4 y/o) Tamsen's obnoxious holiday card shoot this year.

  • Ledges

    Kerry Litza

    This is a photo of my cat Ledges enjoying some time in the snow while getting into the Holiday spirit.

  • Simon

    Lisa Driscoll

    Merry Christmas! This is Simon, a 7yr Tonkinese. He lives in Virginia with his mom Lisa Driscoll

  • Makari

    Lisa Driscoll

    Merry Christmas! This is Makari, a 5 yr Russian Siberian. He lives in Virginia with his mom Lisa Driscoll

  • Coco

    Tracey Baldwin

    This is Coco. He wouldn't allow the Santa hat on his head.

  • Luna Twilight Miyu

    Jimi Ripley

    This is Luna Twilight Miyu on her first Christmas with us, two years ago. She is the successor to our kitten Ahsoka, an orange and white Maine Coon Mix who sadly passed away from FIP at 1 year old. She was my son's first pet. Ahsoka never got to spend Christmas with us, but Luna brightened the holiday by taking ornaments from the tree and making herself the best present under the tree.

  • Jerry in the xmas tree (1)

    Tara Peterson

    Jerry hiding out in the Xmas Tree.

  • Izzy

    Melysah Bunting

    This is Izzy. She is our current foster cat from Half the Way Home in Georgia. Izzy is very energetic and would make a family happy with her upbeat purrsonality.

  • Gronk

    Michelle Zilen

    Gronk's silhouette as he patiently sits and waits for me to come home from work.

  • Finn

    Michelle Zilen

    Finn dreaming of catnip and treats.

  • Rinkie

    Cynthia Vakareliyska

    Attached is a photo of Rinkie, who was featured in two of the Winn Feline Foundation issues as a participant in the stem cell trials for feline renal disease at Colorado State University. The picture was taken in Sweden last Christmas. Rinkie is pinch-hitting here, reluctantly, for Jultomte (the Swedish Santa Claus).

  • Kitten Gambit

    Lisa Dassinger

    My name is Lisa Dassinger and I am submitting this photo of my kitten Gambit. I can only imagine he is dreaming of catnip and toys!

  • Gracie or Holly

    Marci A Bowling

    This beauty is my newest rescue addition to my home - can’t quite decide if she’s a Gracie or Holly.

  • Neo

    Tina Demarco

    This is Neo's first Christmas! Neo is newly adopt. He filling the void in my heart since the sudden passing of my kitty Luna on Dec 8th.

  • Pippi

    Lauren Lassiter

    This is Pippi! She enjoyed helping decorate for her first Christmas in her forever home!

  • Evelyn

    Cyndi Julkowski

    This is Evelyn . ...every year she "helps" me put up my tree by choosing the next pile of branches to work on.

  • Misfit Kitties of Cat Junction

    Cindy Larson

    Attached are the Misfit Kitties of Kitty Cat Junction all decked out for Catsmas! Starting at top left corner... Dolly RedDog MadDog Fu Fu Fresh Cooper J Special Kitty Bobina MadDog (again) Blackie RedDog (again)

  • Nougat

    Sara Thornton

    Kitty is Nougat

  • Disco_lem

    Jeannie Marikle

    Here’s our girl Disco Lemonade “Marcy”

Get in the holiday spirit early and participate in Winn's Best Holiday Cat Photo Contest! 

Send a photo of your cat in a holiday setting and/or holiday attire to us. Your photo will reside on Winn's gallery page for viewing.

Details for submission:

Include the cat's name and your name with the photo

Photo size maximum is 3 MB

Categories for prize winner

   Best of Show in Holiday Attire
   Most Humorous Holiday Spirit


$50 Amazon Gift Card to winner in each category

Selected by panel of judges
Last day for submission is December 24, 2016

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