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Acknowledging those who further the cause of feline health

Winn/AVMF Excellence in Feline Research Award

In 2009, Winn Feline Foundation established the Excellence in Feline Research Award in collaboration with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF). This award recognizes a researcher who has exhibited distinction in the field of cat health studies for a period of five years or more. The recipient is presented with $2,500 and a crystal cat statue at an annual awards ceremony through the AVMF.

Year Recipient
2018 Dr. Philip Fox, Animal Medical Center - New York City 
2017 Dr. Duncan Lascelles, North Carolina State University
2016 Dr. Andrea Fascetti, University of California-Davis
2015 Dr. Urs Giger, University of Pennsylvania
2014 Dr. Tim Gruffydd-Jones, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
2013 Dr. William Murphy, Texas A&M
2012 Dr. Niels Pedersen, University of California-Davis
2011 Dr. Jody Gookin, North Carolina State University
2010 Dr. Leslie Lyons, University of California-Davis
2009 Dr. Michael Lappin, Colorado State University
Winn/AVMF Student Scholarship

Winn/AVMF Student Scholarship was established in 2009 in collaboration with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. Each year, $2,500 is awarded to a third- or fourth-year veterinary student who has demonstrated a keen interest in cats. In addition to considering scholastic achievement and financial need, Winn selects students who are involved in or volunteer for activities that benefit the health and welfare of cats, such as research, shelter work, cat clubs and other community service programs.

Year Recipient
2018 Laurel Krause, Colorado State University, Clinical Practice
Taylor Opgenorth, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Clinical Research Scientist
2017  Casey Clements, University of Tennessee 
2016  Elizabeth Rosalia, Univ. of California-Davis 
2015  Emily Pearce, Mississippi State University
2014 Demitria Vasilatis, University of Florida
2013 Yuki Nakayama, Tufts University
2012 Alison McKay, Oregon State University
2011 Jessica Balter, Cornell University
2010 Adam Breiteneicher, University of Georgia
2009 Julia Mulvaney, Oregon State University
Media Appreciation Award

Winn presents an annual WFF Media Appreciation Award to a media personality, journalist or writer who has shown a commitment to educating the public about feline health and welfare or who has helped inform the public about the work of the Foundation.

Year Recipient
2018  Barbara Fawver
2017  BJ Bangs 
2016  Dr. Arnold Plotnick 
2015 Fran Pennock Shaw
2014 Dr. Lorie Huston
2012 Darlene Arden
2011 Beth Adelman
2010 Susan Logan
2009 Kari Winters
2008 Pam Johnson-Bennett
2007 Amy Shojai
2006 Kim Thornton
2005 Steve Dale
Winn/AAFP Student Scholarship

Beginning in 2016, Winn and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), two premier feline-dedicated organizations, joined in collaboration to award a $2500 scholarship to a third or fourth year veterinary student. In 2017, the number of scholarships was expanded to two, one for clinical practice and the second for clinical research scientist interests. Selection of the recipient is based on academic achievement, leadership, and dedication to and excellence in the study of feline medicine, health and welfare.

Year Recipient
2019 Laurel Krause, Colorado State University, Clinical Research Scientist
Summer Marsh, Colorado State University, Clinical Practice
2018 Nicole Rowbotham, Mississippi State University, Clinical Practice
Courtney Meason-Smith, Texas A&M University, Clinical Research Scientist
2017 Kaarin Muller, Washington State University, Clinical Practice
Liberty Sieberg, Colorado State University, Clinical Research Scientist
2016 Annette Louviere, University of Georgia