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Winn Feline Foundation Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Winn Feline Foundation welcomes and promotes diversity and inclusion for all who are seeking to create, support, deliver and share the science of understanding, healing, curing, and caring for
every cat, every day

Winn Feline Foundation Policy on Diversity and Inclusion

The Winn Feline Foundation was formed to promote the health and welfare of all cats by developing or participating in projects for their betterment, including the funding of research and education. The mission is most effectively fulfilled through a commitment to inclusiveness as a core policy and fundamental operating principle. It is the policy of Winn Feline Foundation to engage in an active and ongoing process that affirms human diversity in its many forms, encompassing but not limited to ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation and identification, age, economic circumstance, class, disability, geography and philosophy. Winn Feline Foundation seeks diversity to ensure that a range of perspectives, opinions, and experiences are recognized and acted upon in achieving our mission.


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Meet the Winn Feline Foundation
Diversity and Inclusion Committee