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Risks from Adjuvanted Vaccines in Cats

Feb 27, 2008
Day, M. J., H. A. Schoon, et al. (2007). "A kinetic study of histopathological changes in the subcutis of cats injected with non-adjuvanted and adjuvanted multi-component vaccines." Vaccine 25(20): 4073-84.

In the last decade, considerable attention has been focused on the role of inflammation in the formation of vaccine-associated sarcomas in cats. This study evaluated the subcutaneous tissue response to a single injection of a multi-component vaccine in 3 groups of cats, plus a control group given saline. Group 1 cats were given a non-adjuvanted vaccine, Group 2 cats were given a lipid-based adjuvanted vaccine, and Group 3 cats were given an alum-Quil A adjuvanted vaccine. The injection sites were biopsied at various time points and examined for inflammation and evidence of tissue repair. At all time points, there was significantly less inflammation associated with injection of the non-adjuvanted vaccine. Cats given the adjuvanted vaccines had evidence of residual adjuvant material inside macrophages even at 62 days post-injection.
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