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Differences in Behavior of Cat Breeds

Apr 12, 2011
These researchers evaluated the behavioral responses of Oriental/Siamese/Abyssinian (OSA) kittens with Norwegian Forest (NF) kittens as part of an ongoing study investigating animal behavior. They observed kittens’ responses to a potentially threatening object (TO), in this case a metal spring spontaneously bouncing out of its container. Heart rates and behaviors were recorded, and showed that NF kittens exhibited an avoidance response to the TO, as well as high scores for exploration and escape attempts.  The OSA kittens had a more passive coping strategy, and low arousability predisposition. The researchers concluded that the variation in responses likely depended on different patterns of neurological development among breeds with a different strategy towards challenge – OSA kittens had a more passive coping strategy compared to the more active response (avoidance, escape) of NF kittens. [MK]

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