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"Cats in Boxes" 2020 Holiday Photo Contest​

christmas cat boxCat lovers everywhere know how much cats love a good box!

For this year's contest, submit your photos of your cat(s) in boxes! Then we will select 24 of our favorite photos to make a Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) "Cats in Boxes" Advent Calendar; 1 photo per day, December 1st through the 24th.

After all 24 photos have been posted, the photo with the most "likes will be declared the winner!

"Cats in Boxes" Details for submission:

Submit your favorite photos of your cats in boxes!

You may submit as many pictures as you like.

Please, NO PROFESSIONAL photos!

Photos in a square format are best! If your photo isn't in a squared format, we may need to adjust or crop it.

Please limit the file size to 3MB

Include your cat's name, your name and email address with the photo


24 photos will be selected by a panel of Winn Feline Foundation Board members and staff. These 24 selected photos will be posted on Winn's Facebook and Instagram pages, 1 per day, December 1st through December 24th, just like an Advent Calendar!

People will be invited to "like" their favorites throughout the month of December!

ON DECEMBER 31st, THE PHOTO WITH THE MOST "LIKES" will be declared the winner and will receive a $200 Amazon gift card!

Submit your photo today!
To email:
You may also submit through Winn's Facebook page messenger.

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